Elastic Monastic EP

by Connor Shields

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Five Years ago you told me how the world would end. There would be noise, lots, and a bell would ring in my ear so that I knew when it was time. I heard salvation fade in softly, first like a caveman then like an alien speaking to me. The great migration, my exultation as half of eternity struck down my pedestrian footsteps. I see who you are, you spaced out neon psychonaut. You are the traveler, the great transfigurement of wonder, the chameleonic nomad, and you came to me from the past to whisper in my ear, telling me the secrets of the universe I was already holding in the space between my hands and my hips. I was already holding them, and your spirit incarnate in me said, “walk beside chaos”. So I did, and the Milky Way spun between green eye and green eye. But she is gone away, and now it must spin in my own, changing eyes. My changing eyes that see my shirt and change; my changing eyes that see love, and change. And my changing eyes that change with my mind, with every breath. Greener, Bluer eyes than were set in me before, to you I say this: Hold the six secrets in your gaze again and pluck that strange old alchemic tune you once knew with blinds drawn up. Face the immediate, and record it forever.


released September 16, 2013

Written and Recorded at Fa Yun Monastery Institute for Buddhist Studies, Taos, NM.




Connor Shields Sebastopol, California

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